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Hi everyone!!One of my bridesmaids is getting married and we are trying to find a afforable brunch venue in the north shore to throw her shower.. any suggestions???

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    I'm not sure how affordable these are since I'm not sure what your budget is per person, but I definitely don't think that they are too expensive. The Mount Hood Golf Course has a beautiful main house for venues, probably holds 80-100, great views of the course, huge fireplace, its really nice. One of my friend's showers was there and it was great. Another goodie is Victoria Station in Salem. Great view good, food, I checked online and breakfast is $16/head and brunch $22/head. Another one that was fabulous and so yummy was the Lyceum Bar and Grill in Salem - gorgeous rustic-y room. That might be a bit more. Red Rock Bistro in Swampscott (right on the Lynn line on the water) might also be a good idea, they do brunch and have a great rental room over the water. This is probably the most $$ out of the list I would think... Trying to think here. The Mount Vernon in Somerville (There is also one in Revere) does an amazing brunch for pretty cheap, also with private room. Not sure if that is too south for you. Good luck!
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