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first time poster-need advice/reviews. Winthrop Yacht Club?

Hi,I'm brand- new here. I'm trying to plan a wedding on a crazy budget, about $10,000 for 110 people in 2010. I'm wicked flexible with dates, any Saturday night in July, August, September (except the 11th), October (except the 2nd and 9th) and the beginning of November is fine.My biggest problem is finding a venue. We're getting married in Everett, and I would prefer the reception to be within 30 minutes, and north of Boston. So far we saw the Oceanview and the Nahant Country Club, but both were way out of our budget. Saw the Smith Barn last weekend and LOVED it, but the only date they have open is September 11th.Does anyone have any ideas? We're looking at caterers (obviously) as well. Sort of reluctant to have a tent wedding because of the cost of the tent and I'm worried about weather. The Gore Place, Commandant's House, Lyman estate, etc. all require tents.In the next week, we are looking at the Lyceum in Salem, MA and the Winthrop Yacht Club. Does anyone have any reviews on these places?

Re: first time poster-need advice/reviews. Winthrop Yacht Club?

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    Good luck with your venue search! I don't know anything about Lyceum or WYC. Have you considered looking into one of the Knights of Columbus buildings? I know they rent out their facilities for cheap. There is one in Nahant that is literally next to the water with a gazebo in the backyard for a ceremony. I once met a caterer who showed me the site. Not fancy at all, but you could pull off a 10K wedding for that party size.
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    Elks at Bass Rocks in Gloucester might be another good place to look.
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    Sorry, I don't have venue advice, but I do have timing advice.  We're getting married the first weekend of November this year which is technically the start of "off-season."  We've had a lot of luck in terms of vendors having our dates open and willing to negotiate on price.  Several have said they have more flexibility than they would have if we were even a week before because end of October is still considered high season around here.  Just something to keep in mind as you close in on your venue!
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    Welcome! My good friend is getting married September 11th because she got such an amazing discount for it being that day. A Saturday wedding is generally going to cost you more than a Friday night/ Sun afternoon (which is why we are going with Friday night, we are having a budget wedding too). I am getting married at the Danversport Yacht Club. The minimum on a Friday night is $5,000 but you get ALOT for that price. The packages include a ton of things like champagne, food, bar service, cake, some flowers. Danvers is definitely less than 30 minutes from Everett. Also if you want to look in Gloucester we looked at the Cape Ann Marina which was pretty nice. It was inexpensive too about $1,200 for rental which included set up and everything. That slo included the price of having the ceremony there so I'm sure it would be cheaper for you w/o. Good luck and HTH!!
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    My reception is at the Andover Country Club, and you could probably pull off a 110 person wedding there for well under 10K, especially if you're not doing open bar.  We're looking at about 17k for 200 people with open bar.  Does 10K include everything, or just your reception?
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    Somewhat similar to Smith Barn is at the Maudslay Estate in Newburyport. You need to bring in all your own vendors and there are limitations on days. The facility is available for rental from approximately mid-May to mid-October, seven days a week. No evening functions are available on Saturday evenings or Sunday afternoons during the Summer Concert season, but if you did the fall that would work. The website is: www.maudslayartcenter.org/functions It does not have a balcony like Smith Barn but it has an ampitheatre right out the barn door. The grounds at Maudlsay Estate are beautiful and my assumption is that it would be quite reasonable.
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    We are using the WYC next month for a dessert/cocktail reception for 200.  It is casual but huge (top floor) with great views at a great price.  Downside is if you have elderly or handicapped attendees it is not accessible - lots of stairs.
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    One more thought - the Sons of Italy in Winchester is very nice.  It looks like it was recently remodeled.
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    Are you absolutely tied to the 110 guests number? My fiance and I just visited the Lyman Estate last weekend, and they told us we can do the reception indoors (100 people), no tent. I don't like the idea of a tent either!
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