Ocean View Inn and Resort?

Does anybody have any rants/raves about Ocean View Inn and Resort in Gloucester?

Re: Ocean View Inn and Resort?

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    my wedding isn't for a few more weeks but they have been fantastic so far and the food and view are to die for!!
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    We are getting married near there and looked into using it for a room block--the rooms seem nice, but the fees were high if you were not having your wedding there.
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    My wedding is 9/12 at the Ocean View. So far so good! As pp said, the food is incredible. The only downside is that they don't seem that well organized. A different person handles each thing (rooms, food, wine, DOC) and I'm becoming certain those people NEVER talk to each other. Having said that though, so far everything I needed has gotten done with a minimal amount of confusion. The rooms are definitely expensive, but they are also one of the only places in Gloucester that doesn't have a two night minimum (at least in September). They have two spaces. The Manor Room, where I am, is cheaper, but you can't bring in your own alcohol. They charge per glass (of wine for example) and it's the same price you would pay if you ate there for dinner- no price break for events. However, their pours are more than generous (seriously, I mean HUGE), which made me feel a little better about $9 per glass! The other room is more expensive but you CAN bring your own alcohol. I think that's it for now- I'll report back after the wedding! HTH!
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