I was going to respond to your registry post but I didn't know if you would be going back and checking. I saw that someone told you that it wouldn't show on the registry. I don't know where you're registered (obviously) but I am registered at BBB and today I found out it DOES reflect on the registry. I returned/exchanged some measuring cups I got at my shower and since I told them it came off the registry, they did change the registry. What happened was that before it said 1 was requested, 1 was bought and so it was fulfilled. Now it says 1 was requested, none were bought and thus it is unfulfilled. My simple solution: just delete the request so they don't know you got rid of it and so no one buys you another one! Yes, it may be true that people may not be going back on the registry. No one who bought shower gifts bought wedding gifts at the same time and now some people have gone on the registry to buy wedding gifts so there is a distinct possibility that the person may be going back on the registry in the near future. If you really are that concerned about the guest in question being mad, a completely legit concern, I would just delete the request on the registry after you return it and it goes back to unfulfilled. No harm, no foul. Sorry for butting in and for such a long post but I just wanted to make sure you knew that some stores operate differently than Crate and Barrel. I know how bent out of shape some wedding guests can get! Hehe. :-)

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    Thank you!! I think I am just going to wait until after the wedding to do any returns or exchanges, to keep things simple.
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