Calling Boston Area Jews / Foodies - I have an awesome event for you!

Hey ladies! Former knottie here :) Coming up on my 2 year anniversary, can't believe it's been so long! Just wanted to pass along some info about this event my friend is planning with the New Center for Arts and Culture. It's called "Beyond Bubbie's Table". On September 13th, you'll be able to meet with local chefs from some of Boston's best restaurants (check out the list - I'm drooling) and they will share with us their ideas for contemporary food to bring to the Rosh Hashanah (or any holiday!) table, blending traditions with global flair and local ingredients. Your ticket includes a tasting from each chef and a cookbook to take home. DH and I have purchased our tickets and are relly excited for this; you can click the link below to read more about it (including the participating chefs) and purchase tickets. Although the focus will be on Rosh Hashanah, this event is certainly open to anyone who loves food and appreciates the Jewish culture. Beyond Bubbie's Table

Re: Calling Boston Area Jews / Foodies - I have an awesome event for you!

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    This looks so cool!  My fiance is Jewish, so I need to start learning some recipes for the many Jewish holidays we'll celebrate together in the future!  Thanks!
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