Wedding Color Scheme - Weird??

Ok, so is it weird if I don't actually have a "scheme" for the wedding?  I'll explain why:for the reception, the table linens will be white with a shimmery ivory overlay.  the plates we are using are mix and match china with floral patterns.  Each table will end up being just a little different.  FI and I could mix the china colors up at each table, or each table could have all one color china plate decoration.  We decided that each table should have all one color china, so we are going to have the "red" table, the "blue" table, the "green" table, etc.Everything about the reception will have sort of a beachy, Cape Cod feel to it without picking out distinct colors we are going to use.  I'll probably pick one nice consistant shade of blue for the BM dresses and for the STDs and Invitations.  Flowers would be blue (hopefully hydrangeas) and cream roses.What does everyone think?  Will this look to "busy?"  The deisgns on the china are very dainty so I don't think the room will look overwhelmed with a million different colors...
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Re: Wedding Color Scheme - Weird??

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