Cleaning the dress! Advice!

I live in Danvers, MA and I got my dress from the Running of the Brides. I went yesterday to get an estimate from my seamstress for the alterations and I was asking her questions but how to store the dress and who she would recommend to get the dress cleaned.She said I should get the dress cleaned first and then store it until January when she can start on the alterations. She gave me a breathale fabric bag to store my dress and a sheet and showed me how to cover the dress so light doesn't hit it. She even offered to let me store the dress in her store so I don't have to worry about any smells from my apartment getting on it. I don't smoke or have pets so it won't be a problemI called a place in Beverly that she recommended and they said it costs $130 to start and up to clean the dress. Then I called another place and they said I would have to bring the dress in to get an estimate.How much should I pay to get the dress cleaned? What is a good price? My dress is called Bienal by San Patrick. It has some beading and it's made out of polyester.Anyone get a good deal somewhere on the Northshore??Thanks!

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