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Hey Everyone!Im getting married in January at the Tewksbury Country Club and having the hardest time trying to figure out how to decorate the isle. Im getting married @ my reception hall inside the ballroom infront of a fireplace We cant use candles or flowers on the floors ( do to the turn over time crunch and the venue has wooden beams throughout so they have a no candle rule :(... I was thinking tall vases fulled with pinecones?? any other ideas. We are on a strick budget..

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    Have you considered battery operated candles?  Just a thought...  but I do like the idea of pine cones.  You could add dimension by painting them in silver or gold tones.
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    Can you use plants? You can get pine trees that are coned shapped in any height you want and decorate with bows or pine cones. Do not think pine cones alone in vase will be seen by people sitting down. Have you considered tall branches in vases? Branches such as curly willow or manzinita are good for this.
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