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My wedding is comming up in a couple weeks, and I thought we could use the BPL for photos if it rained, but it turns out they don't allow wedding photos.   So, I'm wondering if any of you ladies have any suggestions for indoor locations.   My reception is downtown at the Hyatt, and the ceremony is in Natick, so I can go anywhere in between.  I've even thought about seeing if there any were buildings or areas of Wellesley College would make a nice B-Plan.Any suggestions you have would be appreciated!

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    I actaully did my wedding photos at Wellesley College. We were outside, but there is a big archway that might work if you need cover, pics in my married bio. I also did a TTD session there too, it poured all day! The student center has some awesome backdrops, though I'm not sure it would be condusive to an entire wedding party. Check out some pics in my blog: maybe you could do them under the big arch at the Boston Harbor Hotel.
    Claire Elizabeth 12/31/2011
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    Hey, I got married there back in May.  I have no ideas for indoor photos, but I would like to warn you about post-reception clean-up.  If you are bringing any of your own materials (vases, votive holders, etc.), make sure you tell the staff that you would like all items packed up and returned to you.  I brought in 180 of my own votive holders (cost me $112).  When we were packing up the Sun and Mon after our wedding, the holders when missing.  A week later, Jennifer told me they were found.  Unfortunately, only 80 of them were mine.  The other 100 that were taken from the Hyatt inventory of used, rusting, lower-quality, smaller-sized votive holders. When the staff turned the room, they just thought that my votives were theirs and put them in their storage room.  To this day, nobody at the Hyatt has acknowledged this snafu.  Sorry, but these things irk me.Also, one of my florists' rental vases was completely damaged in their hands and I had to pay for it myself. It took them 2 days to find the top layer of my cake (don't ask me how this happens), and they don't appropriately package it for you, so you should bring your own tupperware.
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    This isn't a recc for an indoor space, but bring big umbrellas.  It rained on my wedding day, and my absolute favorite pics are those that we did outside with umbrellas.
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