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Hello!I am looking into Evergreen Florist in Stoneham.  If anyone has used them or has met with them for a consultation would you mind telling me what prices you were given for bouquets, bouts, and corsages?  I do not want to spend a whole lot on flowers and those are the only things I plan on getting. TIA!

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    We're getting our ceremony flowers from there (my aunt is doing bouquets and bouts, and the reception venue has a select number of vendors for centerpieces).So I don't know prices for bouquets, but they were extremely helpful and flexible when we met with them, and the prices for the ceremony bouquets and pew decorations seemed very reasonable. My future in-laws are quite the fans of their shop.
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    I did meet with them, but didn't end up going with them. I met with the owner, and while she was very nice, I didn't feel like she was listening to what I wanted. Good luck!
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