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I am having my b-pics done on Saturday in Boston for Tess's marathon shoot. Hair and makeup are supposed to be included in my session. My question is if you did a marathon session- how long did Tess give you for hair and makeup? I want my hair curled, and I'm afraid we may run out of time (time slots are only 1 hour each girl with 3 outfit changes) , so I was thinking of maybe putting rollers in myself before I get there? Thoughts??

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    She'll use a curling iron - and you'll have enough time, especially if she's bringing someone to do the makeup.  Usually if it's a single session, she'll do both her own...but if it's a group session she'll bring someone to do the makeup. Personally, you'll have enough time.  I had 4 outfit changes and the time that we were given was an hour....but i definitely had less than that.  I just picked all my pictures for my album for H....there was definitely enough pictures in that short of time.
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