Seven Hills Inn reviews?

Hi Ladies,A friend is looking into Seven Hills Inn. Any reviews? TIA!

Re: Seven Hills Inn reviews?

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    We were interested in this place and had a meeting scheduled, but they canceled at the last minute and since we were on a tight schedule they couldn't arrange another meeting. MOH talked to the woman and said she was spacey. But here is some simple info we got:Seven Hills is a “weekend wedding site”  meaning that you have to pay for 11 rooms in the mansion separately from the cost and it is a two night minimum. You must pay for all 11 rooms for both nights.  There is also another building with 20 rooms on site that would be blocked off for you. They are additional and to be reserved by your guests if they want them.  One night minimum on those are okay.      To reserve the place, you’d have to pay $2,000 for the site.  Catering is done outside the premises, but they will work with you to get the meals down to your price per person.  The Bar is managed on site, and Beer/Wine/Soda is $18pp, or Spirits/Beer/Wine/Soda at $28pp.HTH!
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