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Unity Candle and Sand ceremony..... too much????

We are going to do a Sand ceremony with my daughters to symbolize us becoming a family.  I also was going to have a friend sing and found the song "When God Made You".  I thought it would be perfect to have her sing while we did a unity candle.  I am just not sure if that would be too much.   What are your thoughts?  I just can't think of when I should have my friend sing, and during the sand ceremony we are going to have a poem read about combining families.


Re: Unity Candle and Sand ceremony..... too much????

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    I think you should choose one or the other.  The wedding ceremony itself is a "unity" ceremony, so doing two more "unity ceremonies" seems overdone to me.  But it's your ceremony.  GL
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    Personally, I think it is overkill.  One "unity" ceremony is fine.  Just have your friend sing somewhere in the ceremony.  There does not need to be a thing happening as she sings.  My cousin had a singer at her wedding.  She sang right before the ring and the vows.

    We did a unity candle and it literally took 30 seconds to light, so we did not have any song.
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    I vote overkill as well. If you really want to do one of them, choose just one.
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    Thanks for the advice!  I was thinking it was overkill and appreciate the advice.  I think I will just have her sing before we do our vows or something!

    Thanks again : )
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