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I feel like a dummy for asking this, but I figured what better place to get the answers I need, right?

Ok, so I'm getting married August of next year and have yet to book an officiant. Problem is, I do not belong to any certain church or religion, and my wedding will be outdoors. I have NO idea where to find an officiant and I need to do it now, before the date gets any closer.

Does anyone have any tips or advice?
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Re: Officiant

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    Another suggestion would be to have a friend or family member ordained on-line and have them perform the ceremony.  You can also contact your county clerk to see if they offer "commissioner for the day".  This is a one-day only permit for a friend of family member to marry you.

    One of our best friends is marrying us...and I can't wait.

    Best of luck.

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    Check with your reception venue.  They often have lists of "vendors", including officiants that they can recomment.
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    I used my other vendors to get a recommendation.  Your venue and photographer should be able to recommend someone.
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    I looked at local vendors listed on the knot and checked out their websites until I found people I was interested in.  I emailed them to ask for pricing and other questions and eventually chose one FI and I both liked.
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    I found my officiant off of the vendor section of this website. She is amazing and definitely in tune with our wants in the ceremony!
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    I vote for a close friend or family member if you have one that can do some public speaking.

    My cousin had our uncle perform her wedding this summer, my mother's now father-in-law performed their wedding, and FI and I are having a close, mutual friend (read: she would be a BM if I didn't ask her to officiate) of ours do our wedding. 
    I find that it adds a personal touch and, in most states, it's pretty easy to have someone get a one-time license to perform marriages.

    Good luck!!
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    the vendor spot here on TK is a great idea!

    have you posted this to your local board also?
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    No, I didn't post it to my local board, but I should definitely give that a shot. I figured I would have to call my local court house to see what they can do, but needed other ideas as well. 

    I totally forgot about the resources on TK! It didn't occur to me to check to see if there is an officiant section. Duh me! 

    Asking the venue is a GREAT idea, but not relevant in my case. My venue is my parent's home. =P
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    I fall into the same category as you and am having my brother-in-law, who got certified to marry people online, do the ceremony.

    The fun part about that is that your ceremony can be led by someone who knows you and your finace well and brings alot of personal meaning to the day. 

    My brother-in-law is fun, intelligent, with a dry sense of humor, and I love him to pieces.  Really glad he's going to do the honors.
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    If you or your FI have a friend who you couldn't fit into the BP but still want to have involved, this might be a great way to give them an important role. 
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    I found ours through suggestions on my local board.  Neither FI or I belong to a church and I wanted someone a little more involved than just a JoP.

    Also, check out  They have TONS more vendors listed than TK.
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