Much better hair trial!

Well a week after my bad hair trial in which my style fell apart as I walked out of the salon, I booked a new trial today and had a great time.  I got many great suggestions from you ladies and eventually went to see Sarah Bortner at Athena Salon.  I got there early, expecting to sit for a while, but she took me right away, listened to all my ideas and looked at the pics I brought on my phone.  I have alot of thick hair, and she did a great job with it.  She even did this cool Katherine Heigl-ish wavey thing with my growing out bangs which I loooove.  And as a bonus, it's an Aveda salon so the hairspray smells great.  And rest assured, this do has not moved an inch all day.  I feel like I could go to zumba class right now and it would still look great after.I am attempting to post pictures...[img][/img]

Re: Much better hair trial!

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