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PoB BM dresses

Did anyone get their BM dresses there?  I'm just curious as to how long the appointment takes, how it goes down, etc?

Re: PoB BM dresses

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    My girls got theirs there.  I went with one BM and her appt only took 30-45 minutes or so, but I went in knowing exactly what I wanted.  The other girls were out of town so they had to just call in with their measurements. They take 1/2 the price of the gown to order them and once they have all the girls orders in they submit the order for the dresses to be made so they are all cut from the same dye lot.  It took longer than I thought for them to get in... like 5 months I think?  I know we were quoted a particular week for them to come in and they came in like a month later than that.  We had plenty of time to get them though so I don't know if they were late because we had so much time. When they came in the girls paid the balance.What else did you want to know?
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    That's great, thanks!  I feel like I heard somewhere else they take a long time.  I think we're actually ordering from Pearl's Place, so we're more going to try them on.
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    Ordered mine there - it didn't take long at all.  Some worked in the area so they would just run in and get measured and order.  When they came in all of them fit and the only alterations they had to do if any were straps and the hem.  Pretty painless!
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