Possibly bizarre catering question!

My fiance and are really liking two venues we checked out last month, and we're having a lot of trouble deciding where to have our reception. Which is driving me crazy because I want to get this show on the road!

Our top choice requires using the site's catering services, or else charges $5,000 for the venue, which is out of our price range (and if it weren't we'd then choose a swankier venue for that cost...)

Anyway, the food looks great and they use fresh grown herbs which I love.  EXCEPT, the only option is buffet!! I reallllllly don't want buffet for the reception, which is just a personal preference.

Is there any such thing as hiring a caterer just to serve the food, so we could have a sit down meal, but still use our vendor's food? (and keep it still well under that $5,000 fee?) I'm going to actually call the venue and ask if they know of anything, but I thought I'd research it a little first. Thanks for any advice!!!
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Re: Possibly bizarre catering question!

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    I think it would be up to your venue, but yes, you can hire waitstaff.  I work for an event staffing company on the side, and we get hired often to serve or clean up after other caterers drop off food, etc. (just to give you an idea)
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    thanks!! i contaced caterers who said they'd do it at a realllly reasonable rate (like $34 per server for the night). i'm just waiting on the venue and i'll save your link too. :)
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    I highly recommend Cater Staff (out of Boston).  Call Rick - he's great to work with, and the wait/bar staff rates are really reasonable. 

    For my wedding this past weekend, we had a caterer drop the food off, and then the wait staff plated and served it.  They were really fantastic.
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