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Hi everyone, just a quick question.....I am not planning to give my BMs jewelry as their gifts, therefore, when should I tell them that they can pick their own/wear their own jewelry on my wedding day?  I want them to wear gold colored jewelry, other than that, they can choose...I won't see everyone all at once until my shower and/or bachelorette party and I have no idea when those will MOH isn't telling me anything....I'd hate for everyone to come to the rehearsal dinner expecting jewelry as their gift, and then have no jewelry to wear....any advice would be great....thanks

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    I think what you said is fine.  Let them know that you are not giving jewelry as gifts and if they would like to wear jewelery they can wear anything they'd like as long as it's gold.  That's how I'm handling shoes actually.  
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    You don't even need to tell them in person... I just sent a quick email.
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    I bought these really nice Fossil watches which I LOVE and was gonna have them wear them at the wedding b/c originally I thought I was gonna have the girls wear silver shoes, but then decided gold would look better w/the brown dresses, so the silver tone watches won't go w/the outfit...I'm probably still gonna give the watches as gifts but not have them wear them the night of the wedding....I went through a lot of trouble to get 6 of these to have to go return them and find others that would be at the same deal would be a pain in the butt
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    Just email them or send them a FB message.  
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    Email is fine!  I let my own girls pick out their own style jewelery/shoes, and I just sent them an email with something along the lines as "as far as jewelry goes, I am not getting you jewelry as a gift as I wanted to do something more meaningful. Please feel free to wear what ever you want in a silver color.  For shoes, please wear black shoes, any style you want"

    It worked out fine and no one showed up in anything horrific looking.
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