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What are you wearing for undergarments on the big day? I have a fit & flare gown, so i was thinking of going with spanx.  But, I'm not sure if Spanx are the best way to go- they seemed to have gotten mixed reviews on the board.

Re: undergarments/spanx?

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    For me personally, Spanx is a little too much control. I like Assets, which is from the makers of Spanx, but it's more economical. You can find them at Target. I find it gives just the right support. You might just have to buy a Spanx and test it out for yourself.
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    I tried Spanx, but my legs felt a little too warm after a while, so I decided not to wear them. You should try them out and see how you feel after a regular day. Some of my friends have had problems with the legs rolling up or the waistband rolling down.
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    I have the Assets from Target, which I'm a big fan of-- they don't roll up or down and provide some support/cinching, without being painful. but not wearing them is still more comfortable :)

    I've never tried Spanx brand, but I saw them at the Filenes Basement on Newbury/Boylston a few weeks ago. They actually had quite a few styles, including the "Higher Power" which is probably the one you would want.

    Something to concider-- with a fit and flare dress, you probably wouldn't be able to pull them down to use the bathroom. There is a hole for that purpose, but, well, that's gross. Still, I think it's worth trying out a few to see what you like. I've ended up taking cheap-o brand ones off and tossing them in the garbage at a wedding before!
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    I bought some spanx and wore them for an e-pic shoot.  They were NOT comfortable.  I was planning to wear at the wedding, but I ended up not because I didn't want to be that uncomfortable for the entire day.  Plus my gown was more a-line, so the corset held my waist in and the rest was hidden by the skirt so I just didn't care.
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    I bought spanx, and I found them to be really uncomfortable.  I just ended up going with a long-line bra and high cut underwear.  While I loved the way the spanx made me look, it was not worth the discomfort that went along with it.
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    I've never tried Spanx before, but am a big fan of Assets.

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    I found Spanx to be really uncomfortable - too much control, as PP put it. I've heard good things about Assetts and Macy's has a great selection of shapewear. I found some great shapewear at the Wrentham Outlets, too. 
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    Thanks for the very helpful advice.  I'm going to check out Assets first :)

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    I cant live without Spanx.  I love them.  I wear them just about every day Mon-Fri at work.  I get the Higher Power so they sit just under my bra and the legs stop around my lower leg.  I never have any trouble with rolling down or up.

    I will say that if you buy the next size up it is much more comfortable than going by what the package suggests!  You still get the control without feeling controlled.
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    I've got a long line bra and a high waisted criny; which is probably all I'm going with, other than nylons as well; I think, for me, that should be more than enough.
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