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Konditor Meister...Yay or Nay?

So our package includes a wedding cake made by Konditor Meister. I know their reputation is quite impressive but after doing a search I found multiple reviews on yelp as having horrible unorganized service and wedding wire was the entire opposite. If anyone could let me know their experiences with Konditor Meister I'd greatly appreciate it!

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Re: Konditor Meister...Yay or Nay?

  • noodle_oonoodle_oo member
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    We used KM for our wedding just a few weeks ago.  I had a great experience!  The tasting was great (cakes are yummy!).  They do a lot of weddings, so it was busy, but we didn't feel too rushed.  We picked 2 flavors: Strawberry Grand Marnier and Lemon Citron.  They designed the cake exactly as we asked for (although our requests were pretty simple, we just wanted a pretty cake and dind't want to pay for any upgrades).

    The day of, our cake was *beautiful*!  It really looked great, just as we asked for.  And it was delicious!  I like that their cake is light and moist, the filling is whipped and not too surgary sweet.  It was great!!  I was very happy with them.

    Note that we could have gone with Icing on the Cake in Newton or Montillio's, all were included in our package.  We tasted all 3 and liked KM the best.  Icing on the Cake had good customer service, but we didn't like their cake and they wanted to charge extra for stuff KM did not.  We hated Montillio's.  Took like 15 phone calls to get an appointment and we found their cake to be gross.
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    We also used Konditor Meister.  I recommend them based on taste but they messed up a couple of things with our cake. 

    First, our tiers were supposed to be offset and they weren't.  I actually didn't realize it until after the wedding so clearly I was not that upset by it but they didn't do what we asked.  Second, my mom has some food allergies and had a reaction to one of the flavors we chose during our tasting.  Because I wanted her to enjoy wedding cake too, I called and ordered a small cake in a different flavor for $25.  They didn't bring it with them the day of!!  Again, I didn't even know until the end of the wedding and it obviously didn't ruin our day or anything but kind of crappy service.

    With that said, the decoration they did on our cake was awesome.  We had three tiers all wrapped in white rolled chocolate and designed to replicate my wedding dress.  It was then burshed with this really cool iridescent treatment. 

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    soon2b- are you getting married at TCC??

    based on taste alone I am going with Konditor... they were so much better than Montillio's BUT... I thought Montillio's customer service was a lot better!
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  • Shazzie116Shazzie116 member
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    We used KM, they were included in our package, and they were fantastic. We had our tasting on a busy Saturday morning, but they gave us huge slices to sample, and it was up to me to sample since my husband has a gluten allergy. Well, they brought out a personal size chocolate decadence gluten free cake for him, and said they'd provide on that day, free of charge. He only had a slice the day of the wedding, which was all he needed, it was so rich!

    Our design was simple, we only paid extra for the white chocolate seashells on top of the cake, and it tasted AMAZING. We got 1 layer Strawberry Grand Marnier, 2 layers Tiramisu, and the top is carrot cake, which I might eat in the next month or so because it's taking up vital freezer space! 

    The cake tasting was one of my favorite parts of wedding planning. Good luck! :)
  • Cupcakes4Cupcakes4 member
    edited December 2011
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE KM!!!! I have used them for YEARS for cakes and such, and my best friend used them for her wedding last year... super affordable (they only charged her 450 for the cake AND delivery fee - an hour up to NH) AND their cake is DELICIOUS! We were always planning on getting our wedding cake there, we just got lucky that it happens to be the place our reception location gets their cakes from ! I have yet to deal with their customer service, as we have not gone for our tasing/counsiltation but I did encounter a rude person on the phone. However, I think the end result is well worth a little rudeness.... the cakes are GORGEOUS and taste JUST as good!!! :)
  • BostonGirl82BostonGirl82 member
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    Our package included a cake from KM, Montillos, or Icing on the Cake. We went with KM because we loved the taste of their cake the best. My sister also got her wedding cake from there 7 years ago.

    My BMs got my shower cake from KM as well and you don't understand how many compliments they got. Future MIL was just over on Sunday still raving about it.
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    Our venue does our cake so I know nothing about customer service from either.  However, as a guest at weddings I don't like KM cakes. You can taste that they were frozen and sometimes stale. I prefer Montilios. I think I'm the only one on here!

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    In Response to Re: Konditor Meister...Yay or Nay?:
    [QUOTE]soon2b- are you getting married at TCC?? based on taste alone I am going with Konditor... they were so much better than Montillio's BUT... I thought Montillio's customer service was a lot better!
    Posted by MacFreitas7[/QUOTE]

    Hey! Thanks everyone. This makes me feel a lot better. I was totally worried about the reviews on yelp and other sites. I know from chefs (fiance is a chef) that KM is the best to go to, but the customer service worried me. So I'm a little relieved.

    Mac - I'm getting married at the Dan'l Webster Inn in Sandwich and we only get KM included in the package but if reviews was bad I was willing to spend money else where.

    Did anyone go to a tasting NOT on a weekend?
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  • abilifymeabilifyme member
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    We are using KM, however FI and I are not big cake people.  My aunt has bought cakes from them for as long as I can remember and offered to gift our cake to us.  When we went for the tasting, we felt as though we were simply one couple of thousands (service was kind of impersonal), as there were four others having their tasting at the same time. However the cake was moist and tasted fresh, so we aren't complaining.
    I think that if you can get past the whole "mass produced' feeling, you will find that KM is a decent value for the money.

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    Hey Soon,
         I would go to a tasting and see if you like their cakes.  Like most places we got to choose between KM and Montillo's.  We went with Montillios and our cake was delicious!  People were floored about how good the cake was.  The customer service was impecible.  No problems at all.  I personally find KM cakes tasteless, so I did not even bother trying them for our wedding, but you will find most brides are either on the KM side or the Montillio's side.

    I will say though the cake at our wedding tasted 1000 times better than the one we had the tasting. 

    Good Luck!
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    I'm curious about this too. I've read all about the cake tastings on Yelp, but I haven't heard anything about how it actually turns out on the wedding day. My venue (Willowdale Estate) includes a KM cake in the package, but I'm wondering if I should just use another?

    And do they do other options too? Like petit fours or cupcakes?
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    KM does a lot of weddings, so does icing on the cake and Montillio's. All the good places do and sometimes you'll catch anyone of them on an off day (I worked at an event that Icing on the Cake completely forgot to make the cake and sent over a totally frozen spare cake as well as the check for the cake they forgot to make.) What you have to remember and we all kind of forget is that unlike a cake we make at home for ourselves; in order for those cakes to be able to withstand all the decorating is that they do need to be made a bit ahead of time. things worth knowing is that chocolate has a tendancy to be denser so some people might find it a little drier. KM has been around forever, has an overall great reputation and also has an amazing selection of pastries, small treats pies, cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, etc..... we're actually doing a very small cake from there along with all of their great little pickup pastries and strawberries. good luck!!
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    @aug2013 Thanks for your advice! I think that's what girls on here usually complain about: having a dry cake or somehow tasting stale and forgetting we're one of many clients. A good business will cater to everyone's needs, but a great business has to turn away clients.
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  • Calypso1977Calypso1977 member
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    my SIL had her cake from them.  looked pretty, but it tasted terrible.  granted, she had the fondant versus buttercream and fondant is gross to start with.
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