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Receptions with two seperate rooms

I might have my wedding at OSV. The reception area is very pretty but it will be broken up into 2 rooms. Most of it is open because there are very large doors that are open but some parts of the room may be blocked. Has anyone run into the issue before? I dont want to make people feel like they arent part of the celebration, but I love the venue. Any ideas/opinions/feedback. Thanks so much!

Re: Receptions with two seperate rooms

  • noodle_oonoodle_oo member
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    I have been to venues like this and I have to say that personally I don't like it.  The guests who end up seated in the other room do end up feeling like they are separated from the action and you really do feel sort of second best.  Depending on the set-up it can be difficult for them to see and hear the special moments, like the toasts, first dance, cake cutting. 

    So personally, it is not my first choice because I woudl hate for my guests to think that I don't care about them as much as others.  (We purposely didn't number our tables for this same reason.)  But, it can depend on the layout of the room.  You just have to think about how much you love the place and whether or not you think your family/friends will like it.

    ETA: what is OSV?  I wanted to google it to see photos if I could.
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    I agree with noodle_oo.  I went to a wedding that was separated into two rooms over the summer.  All the guests that were in the second room really had no idea what was going on is the first room.  Let us know what the OSV is so we can take a look at some pics and maybe get a better idea of the layout.
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    Old Sturbridge Village?
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    I think OSV = Old Sturbridge Village.

    I agree with the PPs. I've been that guest in the other room and you definitely don't feel like you're a part of the group. I don't think we even saw the parent dances or the cake cutting since there was no announcement.
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    So OSV = Old Sturbridge Village. The pictures on the website do not do justice to the venue - they are not very updated. I agree and will really need to think about that - It is only a corner of the room that would be blocked out but still - as you all agree, no one wants to be that table that can't see what is going on. Thanks!

  • SamswedSamswed member
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    If its just a corner of the room could you maybe not set up any tables there and I dont know put like a plant or the card tabel there?
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    We had dinner in two separate rooms, and then dancing in another room (actually on the patio).  It worked out fine for us, because we did all the toasts at cocktail hour, and then the dance/cake cutting afterwards, so no one missed anything.  We split it up so one whole dining room was young cousins and friends, but if the tables hadn't broken down so nicely it would have been hard to decide who went where.
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  • thedivaonethedivaone member
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    I've been to OSV for lots of things and I suspect the staff there will be able to manage it so that nobody is left out.  I wish I lived in or near Sturbridge so that I could get married there.  The staff there is stellar.

    Anyway, my reception is in a large L shaped room so I have a similar set up.  We're handing it by having the sweetheart table right at the corner of the L so both halves of the room can see us, the dancing will be in the longer part of the room and the bar will be in the shorter part of the room so there will be a LOT of back and forth.  Also, the DJ/emcee will be amplified in such a way so that everyone will be able to hear him and know what is going on.  I think it is completely doable, you just have to plan for it and allow everyone to get their photos, etc.
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