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Florist Question

Hello Ladies,

Has anyone used Flowers by David Anythony? If so, I would be so grateful if you could provide me with thoughts, feeback on pricing, etc...

Thank you! Have a great day! 

Re: Florist Question

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    I wanted to use him, his work is BEAUTIFUL, but he was too expensive for us. When I met with him I had absolutely NO idea what I wanted and he pretty much read my mind and knew me better than I knew myself. I absolutely loved that about him, but again, I just couldn't afford to use him for my wedding. 
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    i didnt use him but heard the same as PP said wonderful and beautiful but expensive. good luck searching!  I used Flowers by Jo-Ann in Wahingtonville if you are looking for someone more affordable
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    I really wanted to work with them, but they cancelled our appointments twice in a row and I got annoyed and never made another. His work really is gorgeous, the cancellations were just annoying.
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    I am using Flowers by David Anthony right now.  My first meeting with him was fantastic, he knew exactly what I was thinking and he was throwing together bouquets right there for me to see.  He is so down to earth also and made choosing my flowers the easiest task I had during the whole planning process.  He was a little on the expensive side but it really depends on what you are looking for.  I felt the flowers were a really important part and was willing to spend some extra money on them!  I have three bridesmaids, flower girl, 3 groomsmen, flowers for both sets of parents, centerpieces, and even flowers on my cake for about 1500.  Definitely recommend him!!!
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