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issues with ceremoney time!!

Hey Ladies,
        I am in a rut..... My wedding is on a Friday, and were having issues with the time of our ceremony. At first we said 3 with the reception being at 6 that was a big gap for in between. My big thing is that I am a very firm believer that its not luck to see my fiance b4 the ceremoney, so I want pictures after ceremoney. We then went to venue to change time for ceremony and changed it to 5. Thinking it will take roughly 30 mins MAX for vows and such that would leave us with an hour to go get photos,but my friend brought up a valid point. We have to thank guest when they come out of ceremoney site!! tht would take roughly 20-30 mins so that would leave us only 30 mins to get photos at a park.......HELP!!!! Should we get married at an earlier time or just push our luck?????
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