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Hello All!!!  My future hubby and I are planning a destination wedding in Fiji with a huge reception to follow in our hometown of St. Louis, MO.  I am completely stumped for ideas for our reception.  I know that we cant just show up and party, but I would like some sort of intro with a photo video of pictures from our wedding in Fiji.  Any one have any ideas???  It would be VERY helpful..THANKS!!!

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    My friend got married in CA and had an AHR in ND a couple months later.  They did a BP intro and then some toasts.  While everyone was eating, they had a slideshow of their pro pics playing. It was nice.  They also had their guestbook open to a new page for the ND people to sign and had an album with pictures for people to look through.  They did their dances with the same songs as the CA reception but skipped the bouquet toss.  They also did their cake cutting with a new cake (actually they had cobbler at both)
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    We're doing a very casual at-home reception; the only thing that will really make it weddingy is a tiered cake (since we're not having one at the wedding and found a great local baker).  We might do tosses, but probably not.  We'll have a second set of "guest book" posters to sign, and my videographer said she'll have a cut of the ceremony done by then that will just be running on a loop so people can see it.

    Really, you can just show up and party.  I don't think we're actually getting introduced at our AHR, because it's going to be sort of an all day come-and-go thing to accommodate everyone's work and school schedules.
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