October or September in the Berkshires...Can't decide!! Help? :)

Hi ladies and gents!

My fiance and I have finally decided on Elm Court Estate in Lenox for our ceremony and reception and have to choose a date tonight!  Our options are September 15 or October 6th 2012.  I know this is the Boston post, but I haven't gotten any responses on the Western Ma post, so I thought I 'd give it a whirl on this one in case any of you grew up in the Western Ma or were familiar with the area :)

I'm torn because the foliage will be near peak during the first weekend of October, but I'm not sure about the weather that time of year, and we are having our ceremony outside (perhaps a cocktail our at sunset or an hour or less of toasts and casual dessert outside after dark to break up the evening - dinner and dancing will probably be inside for the most part. 

I was told that there will be some color change in mid-september, but does it even remotely compare to October?   Mostly just want to make sure my guests are comfortable and I want to take advantage of the colors if at all possible.  Can anyone give me a feel for what the two dates will be like on average temp and color wise? I would love any advice that anyone has!  And if anyone who lives out that way or has been to a wedding in the Berkshires has pics to share so that I can get a better idea of what the colors are like, I would love to see them!

Thanks!  Connie

Re: October or September in the Berkshires...Can't decide!! Help? :)

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    I, personally, would choose the October date. September might be warmer and it might not depending on the day. Obviously, the chances of it being warmer are better but the chances of there being no foliage to speak of are greater too. I was going to say that if your wedding was during the day it wouldn't really matter which day you chose because the temps are going to drop significantly on either date after sunset. However, if you go with October people might dress more outdoor-appropriate if it is chilly and more apt to stay outside later than if you went with the September date (just a guess, but that's what I would do).
    I was thinking about last year's foliage too because it was really late in peaking (like not til the third week of October). Basically, if you are choosing the date based on foliage then go with October and the weather will probably be fine too. However, if warmer weather is more important to you than the foliage- go with September. Besides, it could rain on either date you choose so I wouldn't choose a date based on weather alone.
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    Go with October.  There is only like a 2-3 week difference, it won't play much into the weather.  But the difference in the foliage will be HUGE!  Early October will be beautiful and if you are doing a fall wedding, I'd want that.  It will look just gorgeous in your photos.  My friend got married late October in the Boston area and her photos are amazing.  And she got a beautiful day, it was a little cool (high 50s) but beautiful sun and the leaves were all red and orange.  It was perfect!  As long as you aren't having an outdoor wedding, I think you'll be fine weather wise.  Truthfully, Sept can be hot and I always remember early October for perfect fall weather.

    ETA:  I just remembered, I had another friend get married on Columbus Day weekend and she got an 80 deg day (it was HOT) also beautifully sunny.  I've actually had a bunch of friends get married on that weekend over the years and it is always nice.  Honestly in New England, the weather can do *anything* so I'd pick based on foliage and just accept that you have no control over the weather.  The temp could swing anywhere from 40 to 90 deg, rain or even snow!!
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    I went to school in western Ma and the weather is def unpredictable but so is weather in eastern Ma. Leaves will be turning by the end of September but will look much more gorgeous in October. But usually my halloween, the leaves are starting to fall so there really is a small window out there.

    I'd go with October and put somewhere (maybe website) about the outside cocktail hour/ceremony so people can dress appropriately.
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    Hate to be a spoiler, but I would go with the September date.  Mid October in the Berkshires can be quite cold, and the afternoons get dark faster.  The foliage is probably slightly better in October, but it could be past its prime as well.  JMO.
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    What did you choose?  I read this too late for my vote to count, but I would have went with September.  Either way it will be great!
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