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Engraving wedding bands

What did you guys write?  We're trying to decide.  Initials?  Wedding date?  A saying? 

Just looking for some ideas!

Re: Engraving wedding bands

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    we did wedding date...not too creative, sorry :)
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    We were planning on writing our wedding date and "I DO" but then DH was being silly one night and said..
    "I'll write, 'we go together like...' and you should write 'shama wama wama'

    We both nearly fell over laughing..after we settled down we decided that we want to have many laughable moments in our marriage, so...

    I now have shama wama wama on my wedding band :)

  • thedivaonethedivaone member
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    My wedding band is a wintage one that already has an engraving in it.  We're getting a new one for my FI and I'm thinking of putting "toujours" in it.  That means "always" in both French and Portuguese.  He's half French Canadian and half Portuguese so I think it is apropos.
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    Shamrk - that's awesome!!

    We're the same - just did the wedding date on his (mine is too teeny to engrave - sad).  I have a friend though who had a lot of room on both, and they wrote, 


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    We engraved our intitials and wedding date in DH's.  I"m wearing my mother's original ring so it's already engraved with her and my dad's initials and date :-)
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    I'm trying to convince FH that we should get ours engraved with RAWR! (because it's dinosaur for I love you, obviously!) but he's not at all convinced. even though it's kind of been our thing since we got together (text messages and emails end with rawr not kisses).
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    umm sorry this is totally unrelated, but Llama....first of all, "RAWR!" is awesome and second of all, the llama song is like my favorite thing ever!!!!

    for anyone who doesn't know what i'm talking about...

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