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How would you decorate this chair?

Our ceremony is taking place in a very stark art gallery, in the lobby where there isn't any art on the walls.  These are the chairs we are using (they are only $1.25 each instead of the typical folding chairs with the nubs on the back rest which were $12.50 each to rent) but I have no idea how to decorate them.  They don't really have a place to hang anything from the top.  I would rather not use flowers, as they're more expensive.  Please help!

Re: How would you decorate this chair?

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    what about something like this

    they are on this website

    or something like this

    once guests are sitting in them no one will see the actual seat part, good luck!
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    It will only be for one chair at the end of each aisle for the ceremony, so I don't think it will be that expensive.  Thanks for the tips!
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    if the space is super stark, I wouldn't overdecorate the chairs, they'll seem out of place. Also, I think it might look a little strange to have only the aisle chair decorated, unless you're using them to decorate the aisle, in which case you could tie something onto the chair, like tissue paper pom-poms:

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    Ooh, I love the pom poms!  Great idea!
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    If you are only doing the chairs on the end of the rows to mark the aisles something like this could look nice.

    I thinks its more subtle and elegant than the poms poms on the end of the aisle.

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    i like the roses with the ribbons, and if your afraid of the price for flowers just go fake they look so real now.
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    Thanks for all the help, guys!  I knew I'd get some great ideas if I asked.
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:10Discussion:0823c141-244c-4f4f-b428-67d0ebcac4f1Post:d52f1e25-d6a1-4fd4-bb0f-1fa9e6b91905">Re: How would you decorate this chair?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it unless you just happen to have money lying around to burn.  Most people don't notice the chairs, and I personally always think that sashes or decoration just draw more focus to unattractive chairs.  Just spend that money upgrading food or booze for your guests and they will be too busy enjoying themselves to complain about the way the chairs look.
    Posted by StageManager14[/QUOTE]

    Agreed.  I certainly wouldn't spend extra $$ on decorating the chairs.  Good luck!
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    I think bethsmiles has the best idea. It looks like the least complicated and definitely the cheapest. Goodluck!
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