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RSVP timeline

Hi girls!! Just wondering how long you usually give your guests to RSVP.  My wedding is May 22nd.  Thanks girls!!
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Re: RSVP timeline

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    Usually it depends on when your venue needs to know the count,  but if your wedding is May 22, I think having the RSVP date on April 30 will give you plenty of time to track down non-responders. :)  We had a few of those we needed to launch a search party for, and I was grateful to have the 3 weeks to do it. 
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    I felt comfy w/six weeks.  Just remember that you need time to get the final figures to the caterer, map out your seating arrangements, and type up (or calligraphy) the escort cards. It took me almost two weeks to complete those last 2 tasks.
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    My daughter's venue suggested taking the day of the wedding, in your case
    May 22.  Send out invitations March 22, response date April 22.  keeps things simple and gives you plenty of time to contact the rude folks who don't respond...
  • Shazzie116Shazzie116 member
    edited December 2011
    I think a month in advance is good to track down the slackers (let's face it, how hard is it to write your name, check yay or nay and stick that prepaid envelope in the mail?). We had Dec. for our Jan. 16 wedding and it was plenty of time, even with Christmas thrown in the middle. 
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    Our invites went out around January 3, RSVP date is March 3rd - Wedding is April 3
  • megandjaymegandjay member
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    I believe the standard for RSVP is 2 weeks prior to the event, however most weddings I have been invited to it is more like 1 month prior.

    The invites are usually mailed out 6-8 weeks, but some people do 10 weeks.
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    I did 6 weeks too, just to alleviate the stress, and selfishly I wanted them all before my birthday haha.
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    My wedding is May 14th and my RSVP date is April 23rd- 3 weeks. I'll send out the invites in a week or 2 whenever I get the envelopes back from the calligrapher.
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