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I honestly don't remember if this has been asked recently. Being that our wedding is fast approaching (2 weeks 1 day!!) I was wondering what is customary for tipping and what you ladies are planning/have planned on doing? I have heard that if the person owns their business and is doing the work, that tipping is unnecessary unless they do an excellent job and really go above and beyond.

So my question is who are you tipping and how much approximately?

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Re: Tipping

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    kristinanddankristinanddan member
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    We tipped the makeup artist and hair stylist, even though both owned their own companies. They both did an excellent job and I would have felt  funny not tipping them.
    We also tipped the dj and mc since they didn't own their own company, and we tipped the bridal attendant at the reception hall. Our reception hall included tips to everyone, but our bridal consultant was phenomenal so we gave her extra.
    Gratuity was included in the cost of our limos, and we did not tip any extra.
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    carolsdaycarolsday member
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    I wouldn't dream of not tipping someone even if they owned their own company.  When an individual provides a service to you , you are tipping that person for the service that they provided you , their expertise , their knowledege .

    The company makes their money with your booking but a person feels appreciated and acknowledged for what they brought to the table when you tip them . Which I beleive keeps them enjoying what they do for a living and doing a good job .

    If it is included in the price then I agree that is enough unless they did an exceptional job and you felt like giving extra just like kristin did per her post  :)

    Good Luck !!!
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    Thanks Ladies!!
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    Congrats on being so close!

    As far as tipping:

    I gave my hair dresser $25 and my make-up girl $25. (Went to a salon the morning of)

    We were required to tip the maitre d' $300. (We didn't give our venue manager anything)

    We gave our waitress $50

    We also gave every server $20. It wasn't necessary, but I used to work at a catering hall and it was one of the gestures that was so appreciated when I got it. That it was definitely something I wanted to do.

    Florist - didn't tip

    dj/mc- DJ - We gave $200 (we didn't have an mc)

    limo drivers - We were required to give 20%. This came to $115. Plus we gave an additional $30.

    shuttle - didn't have

    photographers - main photographer (he owned the studio) $100 / his assistant $50

    videographers - (same company as photographer) We gave $50

    Also, we gave the alter server at church $20

    Everyone's answer will be a little different. But hope this helps! GL! You are so close!

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    I don't remember exactly who we tipped but I remember tipping the makeup artist and hair stylist even though both were their companies.  We tipped the band (gave the full amount to the band leader to let him divide it up).  We tipped the bar tenders.  I would imagine we tipped the shuttle driver but I honestly don't remember.  I did not tip the photographer.  I didn't want to tip him or the second photographer until seeing the pictures and then I just never bothered. 
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