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Friend/Family member marrying you?

So has anyone ever done the "ordained for a day" thing where a family member or friend gets ordained for a day through the state and performs a ceremony?
I've been looking into it a bit more recently (JP's are expensive-- and saving a few hundred bucks would be good) but I only know 1 other person who's done this...

Any thoughts on this? What is REALLY involved that Gov Patrick doesn't tell you on his website? lol

Re: Friend/Family member marrying you?

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    My uncle married us. He's a judge (not JP), but still had to get the "for a day" cert.

    It was very easy - pretty much just one extra step - we filled out a form that he submitted and paid a nominal fee. Then he got a form back, and we submitted it with our marriage cert after the ceremony.
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    We are doing this. My uncle is marrying us. Leah6180 did it as well. I'm pretty sure it's just sending in the application with $25 and a letter of rec and you're good to go if he/she gets approved. Getting married is really about the marriage license and the two people making a committment to each other. The priest/officiant/jp just serves as a legal witness basically.
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    Ah excellent- glad others have done this!

    So, where did your uncles etc get the wording for the ceremony? Online somewhere? Do they give you paperwork for what to say etc?
    Did you write your own?
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    We wrote our own, and my uncle helped us refine it. If you send me your email, I can send you the script. We pulled it together based on stuff we found online (the indiebride forums have lots of good scripts) and past ceremonies he had performed.

    He could say "Welcome, do you, do you, kiss" and it would be legal - all that's required from the State's point of view is that he sign and submit the marriage certificate. 

    So be as creative as you like - there is no "wrong" thing to put in the ceremony.
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    That would help a lot!
    My email is kemdoo at gmail dot com

    It's a cool idea to create your own ceremony and form to fit you and your FI's style!

    Any specific websites you could provide would be helpful too!
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    we were married by my MOH's father.  he is an ordained minister so getting a license wasn't an issue (although he did have to fill out paperwork to perform a ceremony in NH), but i just wanted to say that having someone you know marry you is incredible!!  our ceremony was (in my humble opinion) so beautiful, made all the moreso meaningful because he knew us personally.  good luck =)

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    We had a family friend marry us and I loved it. We were able to write our own ceremony. I agree with pp that it makes the day even more special when you have someone you know marry you.
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    We did it!  My father married us- I don't have anything new to add to the previous posters, except to agree that it really is that easy.  Have fun!
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    Thanks girls!
    Sounds simple enough -- we'll see what FI says!
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