One month to go! And nothing to do?

Hello all,
We're getting down to about a month to go before our wedidng!  I did a lot of prep super early before starting a new job this month, and am finding now that I cannot think of much left to do.  BUT I know am probably missing a ton of things that come up in the weeks before one's wedding, so -- what ended up being last minute for you??

Re: One month to go! And nothing to do?

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    the most stressful thing in the last few weeks was getting everything organized and prepared for drop-off at the venue --- my suggestion, which I know others have mentioned before on TK, is organizing all of the "stuff" that you'll need into boxes based on locations and having a list of what is in each box: church, reception venue, after party, day after brunch, honeymoon (especially if you are not going home before you leave)...

    GL and enjoy your last few weeks stress-free :)
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