Reception for 100 for only 2-3K

Hey y'all,
      We've had some shift in our wedding plans recently.  But given that we are REALLY on a budget and are expecting 100 guests, we were wondering if anyone had any suggestions for any receptions in the Boston area (ideally T-accessible) where we could feed 100 people for only $2,000 - $3,000 total? 

Many thanks! 

Re: Reception for 100 for only 2-3K

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    Maybe an Elks club ? There are a few in Newton/Waltham area that I believe do weddings.
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    There is an elks lodge in Newton, I can't remember the name of it but you can bring in your own caterer.

    There are also sons of italy lodges in Newton and Waltham.

    Also there is a function space in south boston
    You can bring your own caterer in here too and it has a great view.

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    I would also suggest a function room with your own caterer. If you go with a hotel you will pay much more.

    If you are looking for a resonably priced caterer, try Catering With Distinction, they are very good and very resonable.
    Good luck.
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    The Hampshire House on Beacon Hill.
    Great location, amazing venue. You can keep it in that range depending on what time of the year you have it and what type of reception you have (cocktail or sit down meal)

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    best bet is a function room at a restaurant.

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    Hibernia Hall on Harrison Ave in Boston is very pretty and you can bring in your own food- self catered or a caterer or some of each.
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