XP - DIY Aisle Runner

I originally posted this on my Month Board but I'm so proud of it I wanted to share it with you guys too!  

I hand painted our runner this weekend and it's beautiful!  I'm so thrilled with the look of it.  And Richard loves it too which is fabulous.  :)  He was so funny, when I finally had the stencil/template created and pieced together, he was amazed at how the stencil/template looked, nevermind his reaction to the finished product.  Below is a picture of the monogram part of the runner. I'm going to be adding some leaves scattered along the runner probably while I'm in MA before the wedding but I'm so thrilled with it!!  Can't wait for everyone else to see it at the wedding!  

On a side note, I didn't think that I was going to do ANY DIY projects but as soon as I got this in my head that I wanted this, there was no stopping me.

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