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AW: Getting Published!

Ok, total AW moment here (but I've needed one lately - house hunting BLOWS...) anyways - we found out this weekend that our wedding is going to be published in The Knot Magazine (Boston) next year! I actually jumped up and down when I read the email :) So look for us on newsstands next fall!

I know there have been a lot of weddings lately - any of you girls submitting your weddings for publication?

Re: AW: Getting Published!

  • jkeprosjkepros
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    WOW!!!  Congratulations, erilou!  Your wedding was SPECTACULAR!!!  So excited for you!  :)
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    That's awesome- congratulations! Your wedding is very inspiring!
  • jenandcrisjenandcris
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    CONGRATS! Your wedding was very beautiful! A chic Halloween wedding!
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    That's so cool! Congrats!

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    Congrats Erilou! I think your wedding inspired a lot of brides on the board (myself included) and featured a lot original and interesting things. I hope you get a big spread in the magazine and I can't wait to see the issue!
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    Congrats! That's so awesome! Your wedding was so beautiful and I was kind of wondering when we'd see it in a magazine... :o)
  • winterclassicwinterclassic
    edited December 2011
    When we spoke with our photographer they had a barn wedding that was going to be published in The Knot. I am not sure which knottie it is or if they are even a knottie for that matter.
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    Congrats!  Thats so exciting!!
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  • Shazzie116Shazzie116
    edited December 2011
    Woohoo! They picked a great one!
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    So exciting and very well deserved! Congrats!
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    Yay!  Well deserved.  We are a "Real Wedding" on The Knot website, which is very exciting.  However, the article is full of errors because the promised fact checker never contacted me, and no one even told us it was online.  It had been up for weeks before I called to ask when someone was checking for accuracy with me.  Just wanted to give you a heads up so you can make sure everything is true and perfect in the article!  Sooooo excited to see it! xo
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    Thanks everyone! We're really excited! Hope I can wait a whole year :) We're going to be the "Real Wedding" - so I'm not sure how many pages (probably just one?) or what it will look like. I've only actually read the Nest magazine :) And when I was a bride, didn't own a single wedding magazine... (I thought it would make me too indecisive if I read any!)

    Liv - ooooh - that stinks! Have you been able to email them and get it resolved? I was wondering if our wedding is in the magazine, does it go online as well? 
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    That is SOO cool!  I'm picking up a copy when that issue hits the stands. =)
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    Hey Jeni - maybe I can get you a mention in there ;)
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    Erica, you've given me so much already. You really have!!
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