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Dont get me wrong. I think the Walk for Hunger is a great thing. I participate every year, except this year. I''ll be gettting married on the same day (had no idea)...and my reception is on Beacon Hill. Road closings, garage closings. and massive amounts of people. Whats the deal? Any recommendations around this? I dont think Storrow Dr will be closed, although Im not 100% positive. The Boston Commons Garage is closed and as of now I think the Charles St garage is the option but Im still not sure what roads will be closed.
theres alway something.

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    Ugh, wow, that STINKS!!!  Yeah, that is really tough.  We made sure to check that our date did not coincide with any big events in Boston.  The Walk for Hunger is huge and yeah, I usually avoid Boston on that weekend.  What time is your wedding? Maybe the walk will be over before your wedding starts.

    Good luck to you!  I'd definitely check out the walk for hunger website for details and if it is at the same time, i'd maybe warn people who have to be there early (like your wedding party/family) because it can be tough to navigate around the road closures!
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    all I can really do now, is laugh about it :)
    I contacted the Walk for Hunger and they sent me road closures. It seems the only one that will be closed will be Charles St between the Commons and the Garden which of course closes the Commons garage where we would have valet and validate parking. Im sending out a heads up to all guest. The reception is at 230, the crowd will still be around but most roads will be open. I included local garages for them use.
    Thanks for the luck, we'll need it!!
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