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Photo Booth as favor?

Has anyone been to a wedding where the photobooth pictures doubled as a wedding favor?
I'm trying to figure out if guests would like this as a favor or if they think it's kinda cheesy taking home pictures of themselves as a favor with the words "so and so's wedding 2010" on the bottom.

I think photobooths are a wicked cute idea and would be GREAT if it could double as a favor to take home, but can't seem to make up my mind on the thought.
It's a lot of money just as an "extra" so I was trying to somehow incorporate it into favors or something.


Re: Photo Booth as favor?

  • lundarlundar
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    One of my friends is planning on doing this and I'm thinking of it too. I think you can definitely use it as a favor. People will love it and it will probably go up somewhere or be kept somewhere as a memory of your day. I think it's a nice alternative to the cheesy things no one ever uses and half of the guests end up leaving on the table.
  • robinmswrobinmsw
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    We did it and it was a huge hit.  Everyone loved it and it was one of my favorite parts about the wedding.  We used Boston Photobooth Rental and I would highly recommend them.
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    We are having a photobooth and having the guests keep the pictures as favors. I know personally I love pictures and I think it is a really cute way to remember the day. GL

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    Thanks guys!
    Sooo besides talking to a few of your friends about it, how did you let guests know that this was their favor?
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    I think thats a great idea, I second boston photo both... we saw them at a bridal show we just went to, they were SO nice and had great packages... kinda pricy but its so much fun :)

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    We went to a wedding last October that had one.  It was acually a Halloween wedding so there were all kinds of "props" to be used.  It was a big hit.  The only negative I can think of is, I did notice that the dance floor wasn't packed, despite a great DJ, because people were hanging around the photo booth.
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    i went to an amazing reception with a Photo Booth and everyone absolutely LOVED it! it was one of the best parts of the wedding-one great thing they did was have 2 copies and paste one into a book and write a sweet message to the bride and groom next to it. we have our copy on our fridge still-so much fun
  • emma2053emma2053
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    edited December 2011
    Hi! I LOVE the idea of a photobooth!!!  I just went to a wedding and it was a huge hit! We each got to keep a photo and then the compnay made a scrapbook for the bride with the other photos and we got to sign it. My friend (the bride) loves her scrapbook. As the night went on the photos were hilarous!!!!!!!!  She used a company called: shutterbooth...

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    Oooo thanks so much guys!
    Do you know the rough price of these packages? They don't list prices online...
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    I think it's a great idea. I'd much rather a photo to take home than most of the favors I have ever received. I'm also interested in a rough price estimate. It seems like the kind of thing you add after you have all the big things paid for... Also if your FI is anything like mine, send him to the Bar Stool Sports site-- that guy did it and loved it, so now my FI thinks it's cool :)
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    FYI I was curious so I contacted Shutterbooth. Their packages start at around $1000 for basic, up to about $1600 for the delux package, then there are extras that you can add, take away, etc.
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    Ah, thanks Karen's MOH!
    Interesting... I guess that would be roughly the same price for any other favors you might have...
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    It's definitely more than I was planning on spending on favors, but maybe I am just cheap?? :)
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    We did a photobooth for our Halloween wedding - huge hit! (You can actually see shots from it if you want - http://www.pensack.com - click on "photobooth"). We used Boston Photobooth - it prints a double strip, so the guest keeps half, and the other half goes in a book to sign - like PPs mentioned. They gave us the book at the end of the night - and it was so funny to wake up to those pictures in the morning. We also got all the shots and a DVD slideshow of them. 

    I agree with something a PP mentioned though - we had a bit too much going on at our wedding, between the photobooth, candy buffet and cigar roller, the dance floor was dead a few times. But, not everyone in our crowd are dancers - so the dancers danced and the non-dancers had other things to keep them occupied.
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    I like the idea of the Photo Booth, but it doesn't fit in my budget either.

    What my FI and I are doing is a little different. We are getting a Polaroid PoGo printer (about $30) and the paper ($10 for 30 sheets) and will be using my digital camera for the guests to take pictures of themselves, then print it out via the USB connection to the little printer. The printer doesn't use ink, just like the old Polaroids. It prints out little 2x3 pictures onto paper with a sticky back, so when the guests are done printing, we will have them put their picture in our guest book and write a little something about themselves. They sell books specifically for these pictures, but they are expensive at $30 for a 30 page book, and since the paper is a sticker, you can affix the pictures to any book you want. I'll probably pick up a nice scrap book and use that for my guest book.

    Since the paper is so inexpensive, you could even let them print out more than one copy for themselves to keep. And if you don't have a digital camera, you can get one cheap on ebay or amazon or something. The digital camera allows them to preview the photo before they print to make sure they don't have their eyes closed, too, which I like.

    The only downside to this is that it might be a little complicated. I will be assigning someone that knows how it works to be the go-to person if people can't follow the directions that I will be writing up for them. But I think it will still be a big hit, and it won't distract from the dance floor as much as a photo booth might.

    I should add that those are not my favors. We are going to be doing frosted votive candleholders as the favors. They will also be the "place cards", courtesy of clear labels that I will be printing out and sticking on the candleholders. At the end of the wedding, if they don't want their name on the candleholder, they simply peel the sticker off. You can get all of that (plus the votive candles) for about $2.00 per person.

    I hope that gives you a reasonable alternative!

    You will always need something to fix.
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