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Rehearsal Dinner - not the night before?

So, we are getting married on a Sunday.  Normally, for Saturday weddings, our church holds the rehearsal dinner on Thursday night.  I was able to get our rehearsal dinner for at least Friday night, but am having trouble moving it to Saturday because there will probably be another wedding there that night. 

So, what is it we do on Saturday?  the girls I and will go get our manicures and pedicures done and then what?  go home and veg out?  Do we have to host another dinner for everyone?  (we have ten people in our wedding party... plus all their SO's). 

Any ideas for what to do the night before?

Re: Rehearsal Dinner - not the night before?

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    Do nothing the night before! Great time to hang out with your friends or just relax. Our rehersal is on Thursday and wedding is Saturday. I don't want ANYTHING the night before.
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    I don't think you need to host anything. Another option would be to have the actual rehearsal on Friday, and the dinner on Saturday. My sister ended up doing that for a variety of reasons, and it worked out well-- the dinner could start whenever she wanted. The downside was that some people skipped one or the other, again for a variety of reasons.

    But otherwise, I wouldn't take on anything else the night before. You and your girls could do the mani pedi thing and have a nice quiet dinner at home, and the guys can do their thing, golf or whatever they are into, and get pizza or whatever.
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    We had a Sunday wedding and our rehearsal & dinner was Friday night.

    On Saturday I took my girls and my MIL to lunch then we went and got our mani/pedis. My H took the guys to a sports bar for the afternoon. We planned a small dinner with my immediate family (who all traveled from OOT) for early Saturday night at the hotel I stayed at the night before and then I went to bed early....one of the best things I could have done. I would say less is more or you'll be exhausted on the big day.
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    I had a Saturday morning wedding and our rehearsal was Thursday night.  Friday I just relaxed and did some last minute errands (nails and lunch with my mom and sister).  It was nice.  My sister and niece came and spent Friday night with me and we just lounged. 
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    Our wedding is on a Saturday and we are having the rehearsal and dinner on Thursday.  Friday during the day the BP and I are getting our nails done and having lunch.  Then I'm going to check into the hotel and relax by myself for the night.  I know I'm going to need some down time alone to prepare for the wedding. 

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    Its only 2 days before that's when Im having mine... your better off having that day in-between to relax... Have one nice day before the big one
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    I agree with the others. Ours is a Sunday as well and we are having the RD on Friday.  Sat I am planning on being in the hotel by myself and having some chill time.  I think everyone else may enjoy the time to themselves as well.
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    I think an extra day in between would be nice. Maybe you could plan a group outing for your family/WP/OOT guests (whoever you want) and have some fun while people are in town.
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    My wedding is on a saturday and our rehearsal is Wednesday night. I'd much rather relax on the night before. I was recently in a wedding and we took the bride to a movie the night before just to get her out of the house so she wasnt sitting at home freaking out.
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    You should do whatever is fun and relaxing for you!  Our wedding is Saturday, and the rehearsal is Thursday.  I can't imagine having all of my favorite people in one place at the same time without me spending as much time with them as possible so I want to party more so we are having a Welcome Party at my parents' house on Friday for all guests.  It's just a casual day with yard games, pizza, beer, swimming, etc.   Some might think this is crazy, but I'm so pumped!  I'd be a nervouse wreck if I had a chill day--too much time for me to think.  To each her own!
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    We are actually holding our "dinner" the weekend before our wedding.  We are getting married on a Friday night, and our rehearsal at our venue is on Thursday night at 6.  Most of my WP has children and we didn't want them waiting too late for dinner etc.  So we decided to host a thank you pool party for our WP, their families and our immediate family the weekend prior.  Everyone can relax and not be stressing about the wedding.  A little untraditional, but our WP all thought it was a great idea.  Do what will work best for you!
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