Andover Country Club and after-parties?

My wedding is going to be at the Andover Country Club next June and since they have hotel rooms, I want to have an after-party there with some friends (nothing huge). The wedding coordinator even mentioned that they're creating a late night food menu specifically for after-parties and that we could reserve a common room on the 2nd floor with the hotel rooms. However I did notice their website says no liquor allowed to be brought on premises and they highlighted this in our contract. Just wondering if anyone's had an after-party there before and has any insight on how strict they really are with these rules?

Re: Andover Country Club and after-parties?

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    Do they mean that you can't bring your own liquor to the reception and after party that are hosted by the facility?  It seems odd to me that they would ban you from bringing liquor into your hotel room :)  I am curious to see the repsonses here if anyone knows.

    I have been to a wedding at the Andover Country Club, and it was really pretty and well done.  I had a chicken oscar entree that was delicious.

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    I think they mean no liquor is allowed to be brought on the property in including hotel room. The info we received in the complimentary room we're getting with the package notes this too. So I'm interested to hear if anyone's had an experience there!
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    I was in a wedding there and we actually took a few shots before going down the aisle lol.  Not very classy.  The coordinator seen the bottle in the brides bag and didn't say anything. 

    That's the only experience I have with that there since the bride gave her room away to a family member and the after parties were at 2 different hotels.
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    It is actually a MASS state law that prevents you from bringing alcohol on the premesis, most holtels are very strict on this. You would have to sneak it and it couldnt be ina public area of the hotel.
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    If you are talking about the few rooms that they have on site in the venue upstairs from the ballrooms, then like PP said, you cannot by law bring alcohol onto the premises.

    If you are staying at a nearby hotel, then you can bring anything you like there. 
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