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Unity Sand

This is probably going to sound stupid, but..... could someone please explain how the unity sand ceremony works?  As far as if the parents pour sand in the beginning and then the couple, etc.  I had never really heard of this before until I became a member of the knot.  All prior weddings I have been to just do the unity candle.  Thanks!

Re: Unity Sand

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    Best way to find different options is to look it up online.  You can do it with or without a foundation layer.  The foundation layer is to symbolize the foundation you are builing your marriage on.  Be it your faith (and then you have the officiant pour the foundation layer) or your family and then a family member or family members pour the foundation.  
    Then you have 2 colors that symbolize the bride and the groom.  My room mate and her FI are just going to do the 2 colors for them no foundation layer because their parents are shy and don't want to be part of the ceremony other than her father giving her away.  

    So there are various ways to do the sand ceremony. 
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