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Involving family members

Does anyone have suggestions on how to get extended family members (who have expressed an interest) involved in the wedding?  I was thinking about asking some to do the readings during the ceremony and others to be in charge of the ring bearers and flower girls.

My fiance comes from a big family and I'd like to make people feel a part of the ceremony, so any ideas you might have would be great!

Re: Involving family members

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    What do you mean " in charge of the RB and FGs". I would think that generally their parents are in charge of them.

    Also, it is rude of them to ask, or to assume they are in the WP. Don't feel obligated to include them. Just tell them that youa re honored to have them as a guest and leave it at that.

    Having readers is a good thing, but be careful not to have so many readers that your ceremony is really long, just to include people. I have seen this happen before.
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    "We have so many wonderful family and friends that we couldn't possibly ask everyone we'd like to.  It's not much of a ceremony without people in the audience, so I do hope you enjoy being a guest.  Have you tried the bean dip?"

    Ceremonies where a million different people are doing something or another get excruciatingly long.  It's no fun for your guests to sit through (and certainly no fun for you and your WP to stand through).  They shouldn't be trying to force their way into the ceremony, and you don't need to accommodate them.  Just change the subject if they bring it up.
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    I have a ton of family in mine.  my FH dad is the best man, both of our mothers are bringing our sand up for the unity sand ceremony, my cousin is officating the ceremony, my aunt and uncle are singing a song, another aunt is singing at the reception, lol
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    If you really want to include more family in the wedding (although it really isn't necessary!) Make sure that you know some of them DO want to participate since some people think its rude to be asked to guard the present table. These jobs are very important to us, but the person may think you are just thinking something up for them to do.

    My fiance's aunt told me she wants to help if I need anything, and would be glad to guard the present table or stand at the guest book table. I don't know if I'll need/want her to but she offered so its nice to have the option.

    Besides guarding the present table and guest book table. You'll need a cake cutter if you haven't hired someone to do that, also maybe someone to direct people to the reception (if in the same place or anyone needs further directions) Little things like that you'll want to appoint someone to do prior to so you dont have to worry about any of it.

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    If you want to include people, reading, performing music, and religous parts work well.  You simply can't include everyone, and guest is an honor, too.  I like Aerin's wording. 

    Please don't ask anyone to guard your gifts or your guest book, or to help the catering staff with cutting the cake or serving the food/bev.  The venue staff will be happy to keep an eye on the gift table if you think it may be in some sort of danger, and are perfectly capable of handling the meal.  These tasks aren't necessary and are a pain. 
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