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Best time of year for rooftop wedding

My fiancé and I are planning a daytime wedding on a rooftop deck in Soho, and I'm wearing a strapless dress.

We're really attracted to 10/10/10 for a wedding date, but I'm concerned it will be too cold. I've only lived here a year, and I haven't learned the seasons yet. lists an average high of 63º and low of 47º.

Locals, do you think it would be too cold in early/mid October?

Or, what do you think the best time of year would be for a rooftop wedding?

Re: Best time of year for rooftop wedding

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    Strapless outside in early October?  I think it's pushing it.  The best time of year would be May-early June or late August-early September, when it's warm but not too hot.
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    Honestly, New York is completely unpredictable.  There are times where October is cool, and times where it goes up to 70 degrees....I think 10/10 daytime would be perfect for a rooftop wedding...However, do have a plan B and make sure you set a "temperature limit" (ie:  if it's less than 62 - inside / above - outside) and make a call the day before.
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    Thanks for the feedback! I've talked to a few friends as well, and everyone is saying September. I may just have to compromise on those nice matching numbers (10/10/10).
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    for what it's worth, you would have lots of competition for the 10?10/10 date with vendors--it is very popular! and october would be way too cold outside, IMHO. not just for you, but for your guests, who probably would be displeased watching your ceremony while wearing gloves and coats. otober can be warm-ish but windy--especially on a rooftop!--and damp. GL!
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