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Our rehersal and groom's dinner are on a Thursday and our wedding is the following Saturday.  I'd like to do a simple spa day and lunch on the Friday before the wedding with my bridesmaids and the moms.  Who should pay for the spa treatments and lunch?

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    Does groom's dinner = rehearsal dinner?
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    If you're inviting them to have a spa day, you should pay.
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    I would pay for their lunch, but as for the spa, I would just contact them and suggest it as something fun to do together.  Send them the link to the spa and let them know that you're making an appt, ask if any of them would like to join you and make appts to.  That will be more clear that they're paying for themselves and that way, if they can't afford it, they can just decline and meet you for lunch.
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    Personally, if you are asking them to be at your wedding rehearsal on Thursday (and thus have to take Thurs afternoon and Friday off from work) I would make damn sure I treated them on Friday to something nice.

    That being said, you can't require them to go AND pay. Either you ask them to please be in attendance and you pick up the tab, or you let them know it is what you will be doing and they may join if they want on their dime.
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    If you expect them to attend the lunch/spa thing, you should pay.  Even if you're just suggesting it, I think you should at least pay for lunch and then the ladies can spend as little or as much as they want at the spa.

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    I treated my MOH and BM to a spa day and lunch the day before the wedding as their gift.  It was a lot of fun. 

    But like the PP said -- if you're inviting them, you pick up the tab.  I can't really think of a tactful way to say "Hey, I'm having a spa day the day before the wedding, sure hope you can afford to come." 

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    [QUOTE]If you're inviting them to have a spa day, you should pay.
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