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Inviting the parents but not the daughter?

So there's this family that used to be our neighbors. The daughter is around the same age as me. We used to be friends but lost touch some 10 years ago. Now we're just friends on Facebook but haven't seen each other. My grandmother and mother see her mom at Church almost every Sunday and talk to her about what's new with the families, etc. My mom wants me to invite the mom. It feels strange to me to invite the parents, who I personally haven't seen in a while, and not invite the daughter. Our wedding is in Boston, they live in Miami, so I'm 99% sure they won't come. I like them, I don't mind inviting them, but it seems strange. Should I just invite the parents or include the daughter?

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Re: Inviting the parents but not the daughter?

  • Does the daughter still live with the parents?
  • Presuming the daughter is over 18, there's no reason you need to invite her.
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  • You do not need to invite her.  If you haven't spoken for 10 years really then I'm sure she is not expecting an invite. 

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  • I think it's fine if your mom wants to invite the parents, but you don't want to invite the daughter. My Godparents' daughter is getting married and my parents are invited but I am not. We played together when we were little, went to high school together, but didn't talk at all after that.  I'm not inviting the daughter to my wedding either, but I am/my parents are inviting my Godparents.
  • If your mom talks to the mother all the time it makes sense to invite them as family friends. If the daughter is over 18 and you haven't talked in 10 years I think it's okay to exclude her. If she's 17 or younger you should probably invite them as a family.
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  • The daughter is around 30-years-old and is engaged as well. I didn't think I should invite her but also felt strange not inviting her. Thanks for the advice ladies!
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  • if you view inviting her parents as more of "one of your mom's invites" - maybe that will make it less wierd in your mind.

    I don't think there's any reason to invite the daughter - maybe if she invites you to hers, but even then it's not required
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