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    I am currently an organ donor. That being said, i'm a social worker and have been working in heart transplant and now abdominal transplant for the past 3 years. It has sort of changed my views a bit. I guess I'm a little jaded, some organ receipients are amazing, but I have seen my share of people who take it for granted, don't do what they're supposed to and lose the organ and their own life. I am now more on the fence about donation. I know that probably sounds horrible, but sometimes when I meet and interview the potential recipients, I think I would never want my organ or a loved ones organ to go to them. Some people don't respect what an awesome gift of life it is. It is a very morally gray area for me. There is a committee where me meet to discuss potential recipients to see if they are able to be listed, it gets pretty heated sometimes.
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    weird you should ask about this.  i know Eva personally, and she is an amazing woman who deserves nothing more than a chance to live.  i've been heartbroken for days.  she has affected me greatly as a human being and as a medical person.

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