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Bridal shower and no help from bridesmaids

Please help!  I'm the maid of honor and my sister has two bridesmaids. One is thousands of miles away and won't be attending the shower. The other is a bit more local - a couple hours away - and does plan to attend.

I am hosting the shower and my mom is ok with me having it at her house. On the printed invites, it said that I am the host. After ordering the invites, I was told by some friends that all bridesmaids should help with the shower in some way (even if they aren't attending - they should pay for something). As of now, I'm paying for everything - invites, food, decorations, favors. It really adds up!  My question is, is it too late to get the local bridesmaid invovled?  Or did I seal my own fate by saying on the invite that I'm the only host?  Can I ask local bridesmaid to pay for something?  I am clueless as to how this should go. I only started the planning process, so I have some time. The shower is October 22.

Thank you  - any help is much appreciated! 
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