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Wedding shoes that are a color

This might be one of those really stupid questions that nobody at the wedding will notice but me, but I figure if I can't ask stupid questions here, where can I ask them?

If you had/have shoes that are a color other than white to wear with your wedding dress, did you pick a color that matches or complements your wedding colors, or did you go with something completely different?

I really want to wear colorful ballroom shoes for our wedding. Our main wedding color is red, complemented with various metallics (the whole steampunk thing). The WP ladies are going to be in red, but the gents may actually all end up wearing different colors - they haven't decided yet. The logical choice is for me to wear shoes that are in the red family, but I just found bright blue ballroom shoes, and I'm kind of a sucker for the idea of wearing blue shoes as "something blue".

So how did you pick the color of your shoes? Or is this something that totally doesn't matter, and should I just shut up and get some shoes already?
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