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To Invite ir to Not Invite

I have an uncle and aunt who I dont speak to.  It's been long drawn out and drama filled...Long story short he has disrespected me, has gotten in both my face and my mothers face, and again to keep it short my parents, brother or I do not speak to them, and they doesn't speak to us.  I've forgiven him, but he's crazy and unable to be an adult.  My mom doesn't want to invite them, but my dad does (it's his brother).  I dont want to invite them, but if it makes my dad happy and he's paying so I'll deal if I have to, but how can I be comfortable if they don't speak to me, and vice versa, if they come????  
Another note is that I see them often, and they haven't even bothered to congragulate us on our engagement, which I dont expect but its awkward. 
Any suggestions???
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