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How to respond to "did you receive my gift"?

A couple we invited to our wedding couldn't make it and sent us a check.  I got the check two days ago, but I have to send it back to my family for it to be cashed since we have no way of cashing it overseas.

That's not a problem, but today I got a FB message asking if I had received the gift.  (I was under the impression people were supposed to wait awhile before asking...)  I don't want to ignore her message and post elsewhere on FB, but at the same time if I say I received it she'll probably wonder why we haven't cashed it.  (I'm mailing it to my family on Monday.)

How should I respond?  I kind of feel like it would be weird explaining how we have to mail her check back to my family before we can cash it, yet I'm not really sure how else to explain the situation.
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