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The Pros reviews?

Hi All,

Just wanted to know if anyone had heard anything good or bad about the Pros?  I'm having a hard time picking a videographer/Photographer.


Re: The Pros reviews?

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    edited December 2011
    I have not heard good things about The Pros.  If you Google, go to wedding wire or project wedding, you should find enough reviews (you can also do a search through the knot as well).

    I'd stay clear and find someone else.  So many folks have mentioned photographers and videographers on these boards.  You can certainly find something within your budget.
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    I took have not heard such great things -- definitely do a search online -- and better business bureau.
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    I'd say DJ services were good. We used them for that but I wouldn't for videography or photography- we wanted something very cinematic, emotional and artistic and I wouldn't refer to them for more than a record of the event.

    Their skill level for DJing however, I think is great.
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