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Mom requested I poll the knot....


Re: Mom requested I poll the knot....

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    Make sure your mom is comfortable.  My mom was really concerned about her dress not making her look like a BM but my mom is very young looking and petite.  If your mom could not be seen as a BM and the dress that your mom picked isn't at all similar in style to the BM dress then it doesn't matter what color.  But, let your mom pick what she is comfortable in, tell her not to worry about what other people think (easier said than done, right?)  Good luck!  Finding a MOB dress is so hard!  My mom has spent months looking for a dress and I think she just found one!
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    I voted for the aubergine PROVIDED that the dress itself is not too similar.    So long as the style and detailing is quite different, it would be okay.
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    My mom is going to match the color of the sash around the waist of the bridesmaids dresses. It's a fun color and I love that it will coordinate but not be matchy-matchy. I would never let that stand in the way though if she truely loves the dress.
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    If this is keeping anyone up nights (OMG WHAT is Lyss's mom going to wear??!?!?) she went back to the store and found a totally different dress and bought it on the spot.  It came in navy and brown...she chose brown.  I am happy if she's happy....mostly because I wont have to field any more, "What should I do? I wish you still lived here!" phone calls.

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    If this is an issue, will she be comfortable even if she decides to wear it, or will she keep thinking "did I make a mistake?"
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    No matter what, SOMEONE who comes to your wedding is going to end up matching the bridesmaids by accident. Happens at every wedding. It's even worse for casual weddings, where some unlucky gal might show up wearing the same dress as the bride in a different color! I've seen this happen, too, and it can get ugly.

    The important thing is that mom feels comfortable, fashionable, and in keeping with the style of the wedding party and the overall tone of the day. Matching the bridesmaids will help her feel more involved in the ceremony. I certainly think matching helps guests recognize that she is someone important in your life.
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    I think she should do whatever is going to make her comfortable. You don't want ackwardness and uncomfortability showing up in the pictures. I think it is perfectly fine for her to match the bridesmaids but if she is uncomfortable with that keep looking she will find something she likes just as much and is maybe less expensive!
    My mom and FMIL are going to wear same color and same style dress and I don't care and neither do they! They aren't exaclty the same there are subtle differences but i found it funnny they both picked a similar thing at the same store. The color goes along with the color scheme but is not the same color as the BM's dresses just the accent color. Maybe that would work better for your mom.
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